Gateway 2000 Mod

This PC mod was inspired by this old PC case that I found. I was unable to find a picture of my case so here is one that is extremely similar. For this mod I wanted to create a test bench where I could quickly swap out parts and test them. This was done by splitting the case in two and using the two halves of the computer case and stacked on top of each other for more volume. The biggest caveat of this case is that it collects a lot of dust. It was made in mind with full water cooling support.

  • CPU: Intel i7 3770k OC: 4.8ghz
  • GPU: 2x ASUS DCU2 v.II Crossfire AMD r9 280X
  • RAM: Corsair 1600mhz 8gb x2
  • Motherboard: MSI Z77A-G45
  • PSU: Silencer MKIII 750watt
  • HDD: 2x Seagate 3TB barracuda
  • SSD: 240gb Crucial M500 SATA 3
  • Cooling: H100i corsair loop custom modified

Here is the case water cooled using a modified H100i cooler that was cut apart with other water cooling accessories used together.