I love airsoft for a few reasons. The most important to me is the ability to be able to modify and customize an airsoft gun perfectly for your own needs. Being able to make your own gun to the specification that you want is something that is so satisfying and rewarding that I fell in love with the sport.  The mechanical components of airsoft guns are made with very tight tolerances and the difference between a well tuned and un-tuned airsoft gun is like night and day.


List of Airsoft Guns that I have owned:

  • JG L96 Sniper Rifle
  • WE MK16 GBB 2 tone lower black upper dark earth
  • TM SMP AUG High Cycle
  • Custom M16A3
  • Custom Magpul furnitured M4
  • TM MP7A1
  • MARUZEN KG9 high capacity magazine
  • TM boys series UZI
  • TM HK45 aftermarket Salient Arms International Creation Slide
  • TM FN5-7 after market inner Creation Slide and Gaurder Frame kit
  • TM G18c Detnator slide, UAC blowback housing and blowback unit, AIP sear and spring set, Guarder Polymer frame, UAC hammer, Gaurder piston cup, PDI 6.01mm inner barrel, RATECH hopup bucking, aftermarket slide return spring.
  • WE G18c SRU Stealth slide, RATECH outer barrel, after market 6.01mm inner barrrel.
  • TM HiCapa 5.1 Airsoft Surgeon STI slide, Griptape, steel internal hammer, custom site screw.
  • TM G26a
  • TM KSG Shotgun
  • Maruzen PPK
  • KJW M1911
  • WE G17
  • 3x WE G18c
  • 2x WE G17
  • WE MK16 black
  • WE MK16 dark earth
  • JG Stubby m4
  • TM HiCapa 4.3 with Airsoft Surgeon custom slide.
  • WE 3.8 Hicapa
  • 2x KJW M1911