World’s 10th Fastest Gaming PC

As 4 way SLI is being removed from future Nvidia graphics cards the 1080ti was the last generation card to be able to have a chance at having 4 GPUs in a gaming PC. To complete a person goal I decided to build this PC as a personal challenge and was able to break the top ten benchmarks in 3DMark FireStrike. This PC is cooled by 4x 480mm 60mm thick radiators to cool the i9 7980xe and 4x 1080tis.

Benchmarks on 3DMARK:
Fire Strike Ultra 1.1 : #10 World
Fire Strike Extreme 1.1 : #11 World
Time Spy Extreme 1.0 : #12 World 

One unique aspect of this computer build is the case modifications to support 4x 480mm radiators.

I really loved this build that I did however sadly I had to say goodbye to this case since it was physically too large to store anywhere. I hopefully one day can recreate a similar insane build. Goodbye friend :(.