The new BARC (Berkeley Autonomous Race Car) is made to be as user friendly as possible, bridging the gap between the user and the BARC platform to minimize hardware interaction.

This new BARC version has all the electronics mounted in a 3D printed shell that serves two purposes. To protect the internal electronics from shorting and from light elements such as dust and moisture. And to allow for easy interaction between the user and hardware. The shell can be easily removed with just three screws, two located in the front and one in the rear, and by disconnecting 5 cables from the car.

The hardware on the BARC V4.0 is as follows:

  • Jetson Nano – Xavier based GPU with ARM x57 processor 4GB RAM
  • Arduino Nano or Mega– adds capability to add sensors to vehicle
  • Mipi Camera – Acts as Rear View Mirror
  • Arudino Nano Break out Board
  • Intel RealSense D435i and/or Intel RealSense T265
  • DC to DC Step Down
  • SD Card
  • USB Splitter Board
  • 7.4 Volt Lipo

The I/O of the Nvidia Jetson Nano (left image) is integrated into the 3D printed shell. There are also options to use dual Intel RealSense Cameras for better localization.