Bitphenix Prodigy Mod


  • CPU: Intel i7 3770k OC: 4.8ghz
  • GPU: 2x ASUS DCU2 v.II Crossfire AMD r9 280X
  • RAM: Corsair 1600mhz 8gb x2
  • Motherboard: ASUS Gene V LGA 1155
  • PSU: Silencer MKIII 750watt
  • HDD: 2x Seagate 3TB barracuda
  • SSD: 240gb Crucial M500 SATA 3
  • Cooling: custom H100i corsair loop, bitspower reservoir, and Koolance pump

The first step to creating this PC case was to visualize how parts would fit together in such a tiny enclosure. Using scrap PC components from my past computer builds I laid out how things would fit together.

I then used some 3D modeling in SketchUp to test fit how I would want components to fit inside of the case.

The next step was to modify the ASUS DCU2 V2 R9 280xs that I had. I wanted to use a different method of water cooling due to the unavailability of water blocks for these graphics cards. I ended up using Corsair H100is and I removed the tubing and radiator and used the water blocks, I stripped the internal pumps out and lighting effects to save weight.

Afterwards I needed to mount the radiator to the top of the case. Using transparent graph paper I scored the top of the case using a score and used a jig saw to cut the top of the case to allow for more adequate air flow to the radiators.

I then did another test fit to see what changes I would need to make to my initial design.

I then made the motherboard plate as well as the custom rear panel out of 1/16th thick aluminum sheet. This was cut to size and using standoffs mounted the motherboard. This was also test fitted and re cut more than three times to get a perfect panel. At this point nothing was screwed together and only held together by gravity and balancing.

The final step was to hand cut the steel side panel window. A special part of this mod is the window that floats off the side panel. This was done to give extra space to the power connectors to the GPU as well as some of the tubing that did not fit entirely into the case.

I believe that this is my best computer modification I have ever done. After having the gigantic NZXT Switch 810 I wanted to make a tiny computer with the same if not better performance. It took a lot of time to think of how to cram so much hardware into a tiny case. Even to new standards in 2018 this computer case is extremely small with 3x240mm water cooling radiator support. Using graph paper and a lot of imagining I was able to create my master piece That I believe represented my abilities in PC modding. All of this was hand done with a jigsaw, sanders, dremels, and files. Almost every panel in this case was modified and about half of the panels were custom fabricated from scratch with sheet aluminum.