Mitsubishi EVO X GSR

I decided that I wanted to hand build my own track car. I purchased this car from Oregon in May 2021 and stripped down the entire car to be rebuilt by me. I want to know every single thing about this car and am excited to be able to have my own dedicated race car.

When I first bought the car the car came with a built motor and an ETS Turbo Kit: Roughly made 550WHP and 350Ft/lbs Tuned on 94 octane. (dyno could have been reading a bit high).

The car was in good condition however was a salvage title. I decided that I wanted to fix all the issues with the car and decided that a complete rebuild from the ground up was the only way to make this car perform the way it should.

To save money on the build I have repurposed, refurbished, and rebuilt many components including 2 engines, 2 transmissions, 2 transfer cases, 2 clutches, ETS Turbo Kit.

I purchased 1 built blown engine and pulled the motor from my EVO so that I can make the best car I possibly can without ruining my budget.

I am intentionally overbuilding the car to be able to push the car to its absolute limits. By doing most of the work (other than machine shop work on the engine) I can make sure that I know every single nut and bolt going into my car.

Shooting for north of 700HP with a final goal of 1000HP

Parts List:

Darton Sleeves 86mm Bore
ARP 625+ Head and Main Studs
Stage 3 GSC billet cams
Forged Manley 86mm pistons
Forged Manley I connecting rods
Manley Stroker Kit

Precision Turbo 6466
Dual Tial waste gates dump to atmosphere
GrimmSpeed boost controller
ETS Turbo Kit (stock location)
ETS titanium boost pipes
ETS Titanium Exhaust
ETS 4inch intercooler

1050cc and 1700cc injector dynamics injector
Radium engineering dual AEM 540 Drop in Fuel Pump
Radium engineering inline fuel filter
Radium engineering fuel rail
Radium engineering fuel pressure regulator

Radium Engineering Clutch fork stop kit
Exedy Triple Disk Stage 4 Clutch
IRP short throw shifter
Built Jacks Transmission
Built Transfer Case

Stock Rear Differential
Stock Brakes
Works motorsports track pads and rotors
Works motorsports stainless steel brake lines and Clutch lines