Mitsubishi EVO X GSR

I decided that I wanted to hand build my own track car. I purchased this car from Oregon in May 2021 and stripped down the entire car. To build a proper race car and remove all of its flaws there is a need to know every single detail.

When I first bought the car the car came with a built motor and an ETS Turbo Kit: Roughly made 491WHP and 350Ft/lbs Tuned on 94 octane. (dyno could have been reading a bit high).

Engine Mods:
– Manley Turbo Tuff I Rods
– GSC Stage 3 Cams
– GSC Spring Kit
– Forged Wiesco Pistons
– ARP Head studs and Main studs

Bolt Ons:
-6466 Precision Turbo T4
– ETS Turbo Kit
– Dual Tial Waste-gates dump to atmosphere
– GrimmSpeed boost controller
– FIC 1000cc Injectors
– Driven Fab Catch Can
– Aluminum Radiator
-PTP Turbo Blanket

The car was in good condition however was a non-collision salvage title. The mods for the car would give plenty of power however the component selection restricted the abilities of the car.

Some examples of these restrictions:
– Stock cat-back exhaust allowed for a quiet EVO X however definitely choked up the cat-less down-pipe and restricted turbo spool.
– Stock suspension setup still handled very well however would perform better on newer suspension.
– The cylinder block was OEM and not sleeved restricting the amount of boost and power the block could handle.

With a car that was modified the only way to be certain that everything would be in proper working order was to completely rebuild from the ground up. It is better to rebuild a running engine than a blown engine.

To Properly reduce the weight of the vehicle all the sound deadening, unneeded wiring harnesses, climate control system, vents, interior panels were removed. The dash was trimmed down and lightened for maximum weight reduction.

Some parts being used for the build:

Engine Block:
– Darton Sleeves 86mm Bore
– ARP 625+ Head Studs
– ARP Main Studs
– Manley 86mm Forged pistons
– Manley Forged I connecting rods
– Manley 94mm Turbo Tuff Crankshaft
– Magnus Motorsport Stage 4 Dry Sump Kit

Cylinder Head:
– GSC Stage 3 Cams
– Ferrea +1mm Oversize Intake and Exhaust Valves
– Ferrea Spring Kit
– Ferrea Guides, Keeps, Retainers
– Ported Cylinder Head
– Aluminum Valve Cover

Turbo Setup:
– Precision Turbo T4 6466
– Dual Tial waste gates dump to atmosphere
– GrimmSpeed boost controller
– ETS Turbo Kit (stock location)
– ETS titanium boost pipes
– ETS Single Exit Titanium Exhaust
– ETS 4inch intercooler

– Injector Dynamics 1300X injector
– Magnus Motorsport Intake Manifold with Fuel Rail
– Radium Engineering dual AEM 540 Drop in Fuel Pump
– Radium Engineering inline fuel filter
– Radium Engineering fuel pressure regulator
– Radium Engineering Dual Catch Can Kit

Power Train:
– Radium Engineering Clutch fork stop kit
– Exedy Triple Disk Stage 4 Clutch
– IRP short throw shifter
– Jacks Stage 4 Built Transmission
– Jacks Stage 4 Built Transfer Case

– Stock Rear Differential
– Stock Brakes
– Works motorsports track pads and rotors
– Works motorsports stainless steel brake lines and Clutch lines